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TESDA-9 Multi-Purpose Cooperative

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About Us

The TESDA-9 Multi-Purpose Cooperative

Our History

The TESDA-9 MPC started as a club way back in 1988, it was a club organized for the benefit of the employees of the then National Manpower and Youth Council (NMYC), now Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). With the help of Mr. Yusop Abubakar and some others, the NMYC Employees Credit Cooperative was born. The First General Assembly was held and first sets of officers were formed and man the cooperative. Until the time of Board Chairman Mario Antonio, the cooperative upgraded itself in 1999, from Credit Cooperative to a Multi-Purpose Cooperative. It was then that the cooperative have tried to venture into business. During the time of Board Chairman Rodolfo M. Bicasan, the cooperative started to expand its membership outside of TESDA-9, an increase of the coop's capitalization is then expected. And now, with the Board Cahirman Engr. Adrian B. Ampong. the Cooperative finally drawn a general plan, a Manual of Policies and Internal Control Policies, these were made to give the cooperative the needed "bible" of all of its operations.

Our Members

Our Members includes the organic employees of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority in Region IX, Philippines. Membership also includes permanent employees of schools or technical schools outside of TESDA. Membership in the Cooperative is purely voluntary.

Our Services

Our services mainly concentrates on the provision of loans to our members. Other than that, we are capable of sponsoring technical trainings in technical jobs per request. We also may deal with agricultural businesses, helping farmers in their lands with a minimal interest for the benefit of the ccop members. Our small businesses includes, catering, t-shirt printing, etc.

Our Building

Here is the front part of our Office


TESDA-IX, Multi-Purpose Cooperative

San Roque, Zamboanga City 7000