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TESDA-9 Multi-Purpose Cooperative

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        ISSUE NO.  003-05         ”So that everyone in the Cooperative will know…”         July 1 to 31,2005

During the monthly Coop Officers Meeting held last July 20,2005 at the RTC Assessment Center, TESDA-IX. The TESDA-9 MPC Policy Manual was finally approved and adopted. It was the second meeting for the officers to debate on the provisions of the Policy Manual, and indeed, their efforts were blessed with a tangible output, a completed Cooperative Policy Manual which shall serve as our “bible” for all of the operations of the cooperative. The said manual is now subject for minor grammatical review and soon shall be printed and distributed to all members, free of charge. 



         The TESDA-9 MPC has finally occupied the office space located at the second floor lobby of the Administration Building. Though its considerably small, it was a perfect room for safe keeping of our cooperative files and office equipment.

          Our cash safe is yet to be purchased and soon, we shall finally have a cash safe of our own. As per coop policy, the cash safe shall have two separate locks, the key to the first lock will be given to the bookkeeper and the other shall be given to the cashier, so that the safe cannot be open by only one person, for check and balance purposes.

         For all those who planned to apply for loans, as per approved policy, our loan application acceptance and processing is now scheduled only every Monday and Wednesday, with cut-off time of 3pm, applications submitted beyond the cut-off time shall be processed on the following processing day. Releasing of loans shall be every Tuesday and Thursday only. For more details please call the Credit Committee Chairperson.


Introducing… the TESDA-9 MPC Webpage…

   After a month and a half, our Cooperative has finally gained its place in the World Wide Web.  The TESDA-IX MPC has officially launched today our Cooperative Homepage over the net, located at , we are very excited about this project, because, its free and we can showcase our cooperative through the net. This would mean a different avenue for possible market over the net. With this, all members are encouraged to visit our page and  sign our guestbook and add some comments to further improve our page. We welcome group pictures to be featured on our page. Please do send it at our active e-mail:





TESDA-IX, Multi-Purpose Cooperative

San Roque, Zamboanga City 7000